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  • 1972 - We introduced our Rainbow® colors from our manufacturing facility in Lancaster, Massachusetts

  • 1979 – We launched our Rainbow® coated family of products with the acquisition of Narragansett Coated Paper in Pawtucket, Rhode Island

  • 1985 – We moved from Lancaster to a larger facility in Lunenburg, Massachusetts to accommodate business growth

  • 1991 – We expanded the Lunenburg facility

  • 1995 – We expanded the Pawtucket facility

  • 2001 – We further expanded the Pawtucket facility
Since our inception in 1972, Ecological Fibers, Inc, under our Rainbow® trademark, has remained committed to protecting the environment.

As our record shows, Ecological Fibers operates one of the cleanest and safest coating facilities world-wide:
  • As early as 1985, Ecological Fibers pioneered water-based acrylic technologies while others continued with the traditional solvent coatings

  • Always on the cusp of the cutting-edge, Ecological Fibers has consistently employed the most innovative technology to design chic, fashion-conscious products that meet or exceed international environmental, health and safety standards

  • Ecological Fibers has been dedicated not only to protecting the environment, but also to ensuring the health and safety of our most valued assets: our employees and customers

Today, Ecological Fibers is a global supplier of Rainbow® covering materials, using clean state-of-the-art technology to supply the book, stationery, packaging and security document industries. Ecological Fibers proudly affirms:
  • Only clean process water is discharged from our manufacturing facilities

  • Recovered coating waste materials are creatively recycled as an ingredient in potting soil

  • Recyclable scrap paper is used to manufacture new raw materials

  • Non-recyclable waste materials are converted to energy through incineration

The government of the United States has recognized Ecological Fibers as an innovative leader in the manufacture of book covering materials. On the 25th anniversary celebration of Earth Day, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency presented Ecological Fibers with an honorary environmental award.

We continue to stand by our initial pledge:
  • To aggressively explore and evaluate alternative, environmentally responsible resources

  • To employ only ecologically sound manufacturing processes

  • To provide a healthy and safe work environment for our employees

  • To manufacture environmentally safe products for our customers

In summary, Ecological Fibers was founded on progressive environmental policies and principles. While continuing to lead the world with quality, innovative Rainbow® products, we remain steadfast to these commitments by providing our customers Environmentally Sound Covering Solutions.
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