Comp Cover™

Comp Cover is today’s leading economical choice in document covers and wire-o bound projects. Composed of a dyed-through paper board, that is fully coated and optimized to present an initial impact for the contents within. Comp Cover’s selected color options portray maximum professionalism and neutral tones to be capable of branding opportunities including blind stamp, foil stamp, offset printing and silkscreening. Give your documents, and stationary projects a COMPelling reason not to be overlooked!

Offered in a selection of colors. Kid 921 and Spanish 928 embossings available. For additional details please contact our Comp Cover product specialists. 

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Product Image:
Comp Cover - Spiral Bound Presentation Backer
White CC
Embossings Available:
Kid 921 (Standard Embossing)
Spanish 928 (Standard Embossing)

Embossings shown on each product page have been tested and qualified for the material. Additional embossings in the gallery may also be qualified. Lead times and pricing may vary. For more information, please call (978)537-0003.

For sample sheets & swatch cards, please visit the REQUEST SAMPLES page.

This product offers custom color options. Please call for details.

For U.S. Orders Contact:

Joanne Birman
(978) 534-1360

International Contact:

Anna Namsaly
+01 978.785.3035
+01 978.537.2492

Product Details

Base Composition Weight: GSM (Grammage)
Dyed Through Paper Board 310 gms
Application Print & Design Ability
Document and Spiral Bound Covers Superior screen printing, foil stamping, and blind stamping ability. Alternative printing and design options achievable upon testing. Affixable with animal, hot melt, and synthetic glues.

Stocking Information

GSM Sample Sheet Size Standard Roll International Standard Roll Domestic Custom Converting Custom Colors
310 gsm

U.S: 12" x 18"
Intl: 30.5 x 45.7 cm
Grain: Long

Width: 154.94 cm
Length: 228.6 yd
Weight: 245lbs

Width: 61"
Length: 250 yd
Weight: 111.13 kg

Custom converting to slit rolls and cut sheets available on request Custom colors available on request- consult mill for minimums