Rainbow® LX

Rainbow® LX is the luxury brands’ choice among global designers, specifiers, and manufacturers of high-end projects demanding superior strength and flexibility. Design custom colors and textures for creation of unique branding. Rainbow® LX is offered in a wide range of prefabricated designs in stock. Put LXury to the test! Choose Rainbow® LX for high-quality retail packaging, two-piece boxes, rigid boxes, yearbooks, game boards, book covers, albums, and more.

Offered in a collection of print patterns and custom design options. Gloss or matte finishes available. For additional details please contact our Rainbow® LX product specialists. 

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Rainbow® LX |
Product Image:
LX222- 1 1/2 Acre Wine Labels
Rainbow LX - AC/DC and Marshall Boxes
Le Nez Du Whisky w/ Rainbow® LX
LX-Red Sox Book
Blueprints Hardcover Book
Red LX201
Cranberry LX203
Burgundy LX204
Tan LX208
Cocoa LX209
Fir LX211
Silver LX213
Purple LX218
Tropic LX221
Cobalt LX222
Ash LX224
Flag LX225
Midnight LX226
Black LX227
White LX228
Emerald LX229
Daffodil LX289
Sage LX290
Citrus LX292
Dover LX293
Bisque LX296
Gold LX299
MATTONE - Black MA2027
MATTONE - White MA2028
Plush M9408
Plush M9422
Plush M9407
Plush M9403
Plush M9425
Plush M9418
Plush M9493
Plush M9489
Plush M9492
LX Plush Pescara - PE503
LX Plush Pescara - PE504
LX Plush Pescara - PE508
LX Plush Pescara - PE518
LX Plush Pescara - PE525
LX Plush Pescara - PE501
Embossings Available:
BB-971 (Standard Embossing)
Bison-985 (Standard Embossing)
Buckram-927 (standard Embossing)
Burlap Canvas-907 (Standard Embossing)
Cambric-987 (Standard Embossing)
Ceylon-968 (Standard Embossing)
Deco-983 (Standard Embossing)
Goat-900 (Standard Embossing)
Impala-991 (Standard Embossing)
Kid-921 (Standard Embossing)
Levant-919 (Standard Embossing)
Lido-954 (Standard Embossing)
Linen-924 (Standard Embossing)
Llama-956 (Standard Embossing)
Mesa-901 (Standard Embossing)
Moire-937 (Standard Embossing)
Moroccan-966 (Standard Embossings)
Morocco-949 (Standard Embossing)
Oxford-969 (Standard Embossing)
Pinseal-922 (Standard Embossing)
Rib Vert-990b (Standard Embossing)
Skytogen-934 (Standard Embossing

Embossings shown on each product page have been tested and qualified for the material. Additional embossings in the gallery may also be qualified. Lead times and pricing may vary. For more information, please call (978)537-0003.

For sample sheets & swatch cards, please visit the REQUEST SAMPLES page.

This product offers custom color options. Please call for details.

For U.S. Orders Contact:

Customer Service Dept.
+1 978.537.0003
+1 978.537.2492

International Contact:

Janice Paquette
+01 978.785.3037
+01 978.537.2492

Product Details

Base Composition Finishing Weight: GSM (Grammage)
Saturated substrate Water-based color coating with a protective, water-based, acrylic top coat 180 gsm
Sustainability Details Application Print & Design Ability
All colors FSC® certified (RA-COC-003258) and EU REACH, TSCA, RoHS, CPSIA, ISQ 8124 PART 3, ASTM F963, Prop. 65, and EN 71 compliant. • Luxury Packaging • Yearbook • Book Cover • Loose-Leaf Binders • Set-Up Box • Slipcases • Game Boards • Bags • Photo Albums • Set Up And Two Piece Boxes • CD/Multimedia Packaging Superior screen printing, foil stamping, and blind stamping ability. Alternative printing and design options achievable upon testing. Affixable with animal, hot melt, and synthetic glues.

Stocking Information

GSM Sample Sheet Size Standard Roll International Standard Roll Domestic Custom Converting Custom Colors
185 gsm

U.S: 12" x 18"
Intl: 30.5 x 45.7 cm
Grain: Long

Width: 137.1 cm
Length: 100 m
Weight: 29 kgs

Width: 54"
Length: 250 yd
Weight: 155 lbs

Custom converting to slit rolls and cut sheets available on request Custom colors available on request - consult mill for minimums