Add finesse with Flock

Offering the look of lavish and feel of luxury, our flocked cover materials combine the sensual feeling of suede with an amazing color depth and intensity. With cotton- and rayon-flocked composition, Prestige® provides a velvety, plush feel to covering designs across industries.  EU REACH compliant and available in a collection of chic, vibrant colors, our flocked materials bring a new level of sophistication to cover and liner design options.

Capturing a buyer's attention has never been harder and with increasing shelf competition you need products that ignite the senses and draw consumers in. Gain focus with the elegance of velvet and plush of suede, captivating buyers with sophistication and charm. Design with more than colors and textures. Cover with flock and elevate your brand to a new level of luxury.



Take luxury to the next level. Flock presents the capability you need with the elegance and personality you desire.

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