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Infusing graphic and interface design with a smooth, supple touch, Alpha PU brings a new level of intimacy and emotion to the design world. Alpha PU is a smooth, novelty faux leather, finished with a polyurethane protective coating, that embodies the pliable touch and plush surface desired among luxury markets today. Infused with a range of chic and natural colors, our collection of PU provides long-lasting vibrancy and brilliantly colored options to projects across diary, packaging, book, and multimedia markets.

Through an impressionable chemistry, PU covers offer more than colors can achieve and prints can convey. Its flexible, yet durable base adds strength and longevity to covering applications and its impressionable form beautifully accepts intricate stamping designs. The polyurethane coating provides a thermo-sensitive finish and resistance to water and wear, offering the ease and resiliency desired among designers today.

Ecological offers PU solutions in modern and classic lines, ranging in colors, textures, finish, and grain to provide designers one of the largest selections of authentic, quality PU in the market. Offered in multiple weights for various applications, design techniques, and printing processes, each line boasts an original identity with quality in mind. With an unmatched selection of colors and textures, you can be sure to find the option you need to achieve the personality you desire.


 Below is the selection of PU materials we stock in the United States.
To Explore the complete collection of PU materials we offer, please visit our partner site: Alpha3 PU Covering Materials.


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