Find Your Design Inspiration

From books and luxury packaging, to stationery and security documents, Ecological Fibers brings you solutions that inspire design creativity and enhance product value. With an endless array of colors, finishes, and embossings, global brands count on Ecological Fibers for original and reliable covering options. Designed to meet branding specifications while enhancing product image, you can be sure to find the perfect color, texture, and finish to match your unique brand personality.

Ecological provides custom colors and textures that meet all branding needs across retail, packaging, and specialty markets. Ranging in designs, from contemporary and classic to modern and chic, we continuously provide original and authentic covering materials at a value our customers trust.

Our product specialists are experienced in all aspects of our product portfolio from composition to application and our global network ensures the sales support and operational flexibility you desire. Join our global family of customers and explore how your next project can be designed the Ecological way.



With an unmatched collection of sustainable covering materials, offered in an array of compositions, colors, and textures,

we strive to provide consistency in design across applications- strengthen your brand association around the world.