A picture says a thousand words... so can the frame

In today’s ever advancing art industry photos come alive through color and texture, expressing peerless personalities and irreplaceable moments. Why not apply the same level of artistic expression to the frame?

With a wide collection of sustainable, solvent-free materials for photo frames, photo mount, and photo matte liners, Ecological Fibers provides the design solutions you need to suit all of your photo applications. With a range of elegantly classic to brilliantly vibrant colors, modern finishes, and unique embossing textures, Ecological Fibers' materials bring a new level of design to the photo mount market. Soft-touch, leather, and woven options allow designers to create frames that match the unique style and emotion captured so elegently by artists throughout the photo and design industry.

Developed to flawlessly wrap, our materials offer character and mood to standard photo frames.  With the capacity to be printed, foil stamped, blind stamped, or heat burnished, you can be sure you’re most intricate frame designs can be achieved.....  Ecologically.



From color, to texture, to finish, we strive to help your next photo collection illuminate with originality, from the inside out.