Enhance your covers with prints and designs

Achieve a competitive edge with authentic cover designs that lure readers in and capture the essence of the work from the outside in. Enhance your printing and artistic designs by combining colors with textures, offering more beauty than they eye can see. Discover how impressionable, woven, and textured materials enrich prints and intensify designs across book, packaging, and stationery applications.
Ecological’s selection of printable papers and proprietary burnishing products provides designers endless artistic opportunities for cover designs. The versatility and quality of Rainbow® paper allows extensive design capabilities on a global scale and at a value you can trust. Supporting design trends ranging from boldly simple to elegantly detailed, we provide covering solutions that inspire designers while adhering to global printing and branding specifications.
Explore our portfolio of design focused solutions – including authentic colors, textures, and finishes - that offer a selection of versatile covering options unique to your print and stamping needs. Our proprietary digital coatings and sustainable finishes allow exceptional print reliability, ink holdout, and stamping effects. With premier offset printing materials and HP Indigo Digitally Certified Rainbow® 80 paper options (HP Indigo® Substrate Certification Program), you can be sure our papers will run smoothly while brilliantly capturing your original print designs.
     * Printing & Design capabilities vary by product. For more specific details per product, go to a product page and click on "Product Details" towards the bottom of page.



Digitally Certified:

 ECO-PRINT II™                         RAINBOW® 80 (Black, Opaque, Cayenne)                         LUMINA® PEARLESCENT

** Other products may be printed digitally upon testing


Recommended for Heat Burnishing:

MIRAGE® Classic ALPHA Aston®
MIRAGE® Corsica ALPHA Cowhide®
MIRAGE® Distressed ALPHA Goat®
MIRAGE® Nouveau ALPHA Skiver®
MIRAGE® Pescara  
MIRAGE® Vintage  
MIRAGE® 325gsm  

Recommended for Blind / Foil Stamping:

  • ALL of our products can be blind or foil stamped. Testing is recommended.