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New Products, Events, and More - The Latest News from Ecological

There’s always something new launching at Ecological Fibers as we continue to invest in product development, to qualify new component resources, and to expand into new business markets. The global markets are ever-changing, thus we are consistently launching new covering solutions to meet today’s needs and tomorrow's trends. We realize the importance of industry fashion, environmental regulations, and brand requirements, and strive to provide support through product consistency in color and texture— honoring our customers' needs across their global markets. With a unique focus on innovation, we are dedicated to the exploration, discovery, and development of quality products for new and existing markets.

Explore the newest material launches for book, packaging, stationery, and security documents and see how our latest products can support all your current and developing design objectives. Discover how designers and manufacturers around the world are choosing one of our environmentally-sound covering solutions and how you can too!



Introducing EcoPrint™

August 2019 -

Ecological Fibers is proud to announce the expansion of our EcoPrint™ line. Known for remarkable printability and durability, the original line of EcoPrint™ I and II will be joined by EcoPrint™ 7, 10 and 17. Each offering is designed in specific weights to allow maximum versatility while ensuring unmatched sustainability through the use of 100% hazardous solvent free, water based coatings.

Frankfurt Book Fair 2019

June 2019 -

Ecological Fibers will be on display in Frankfurt, Germany at the annual Frankfurt Book Fair this year between October 16-20. Maintaining its place as one of the premier book shows in the world, Ecological Fibers will be highlighting their signature Rainbow® brand that has come to be recognized as one of the most reliable and high-quality specialty papers available in the market today.

LuxePack New York “In Green” Business Initiative Award

May 2019 -

Ecological Fibers is proud to announce that we are the recipients of prestigious LuxePack “In Green” award as a result of our environmentally friendly business initiatives. The 2019 award came from our consistent innovations in the specialty paper industry, and our evolution since conception of our solvent-free, water based coating processes.

New Ecological Fibers Green Brochure

March 2019 -

Since conception in 1972, Ecological Fibers has paved the way towards creating a greener, more environmentally sound paper coating operation. Initiating revolutionary, state-of-the-art manufacturing practices, and abiding by strict internally-driven regulations, we will never take the easy way out, and instead choose the moral high-ground by committing to using 100% solvent-free coating production processes. The name “Ecological” is a pledge to meet the highest standards of sustainability and social responsibility. “We all have kids, grandkids, this is our world. We have a responsibility to this world, and future generations, that’s a driving force for our business. All of our employees care about that and want to make that better,” said John Penatzer, Vice President of Operations. We have consistently employed the most innovative technology to design quality products that meet and exceed environmental, health, and safety standards around the world. To learn more about what makes us the greenest coated paper producer in the world, and why Ecological more than just our name, check out our new Green Brochure by clicking below.

Ecological Fibers' Green Initiatives

Flexpak - Back and Better than Ever!

August 2018 -

Ecological Fibers is proud to announce our redesigned Flexpak® folding carton line! 

Flexpak® has already become the gold standard for luxury folding carton design, and now with our improved colored, soft touch and pearlescent top coats, Flexpak® brings a new world of options to the folding carton industry, breaking the mold for designers and brands across retail markets.

Our new Flexpak® swatch book showcases the following options:

  • Flexpak Natural is 100% recycled, uncoated, dyed-through Kraft board. Eclipse
  • Snow & Onyx are dyed through Kraft paper created with responsibly harvested virgin pulp
  • Graphic White features a coating that is specifically designed to be able to printed on with numerous industry standard printing methods
  • Lumina Pearlescent incorporates a protective water based, luminescent top coat.
  • Galaxy is our new glitter infused topcoat with various printable options


Our products embody the green chemistry Ecological Fibers is renowned for:

  • Zero hazardous solvents or heavy metals in our Plush soft touch coating.
  •  Solvent-free, water based coatings contain zero hazardous pollution components; residue does not have to be incinerated or stored in special hazardous waste areas.
  • 100% water based, solvent-free coatings; no PCB, PVB, or carcinogens present - recycled coating waste is qualified for composting.
  • Water used in our manufacturing processes is cleaned through our proprietary, in house waste-water treatment facility; ensuring all color impurities are filtered out, returning clean water to the community.

For More information please click here.


Introducing Galaxy!

July 2018 -

Ecological Fibers is excited to announce the launch of Galaxy, our newest coated non-woven product line. Specially enhanced with a colored aqueous coating enriched with glitter particles, Galaxy offers the perks of traditional glitter paper with mind-blowing achievements that we have worked hard to accomplish. Achievements such as its refusal to shed glitter particles (without question the largest complaint for other brands of glitter paper), and unbelievable printing capabilities. This 150gsm paper is based on our famous Rainbow® dyed through Kraft paper and is created under the strictest of ecologically sound methods.  Galaxy boasts the following:

  • Stocked in eleven different colors.
    Each color of Galaxy has been tediously created by matching our custom coating colors with different hues of glitter particles assuring an incredible luminosity and brilliance with each color option.
  • Incredible Printing Capabilities
    Stocked in eleven colors, but due to its astonishing printing capabilities, any hue under the sun is possible when printed directly to Galaxy. Due to the glitter particles being imbedded into the coating itself, the paper keeps a smoother finish than traditional glitter paper making thin lines, small text and soft gradients achievable with traditional methods. Due to inks translucent qualities, the glitter shines through any print job giving an eye catching effect that will take any project to a new level. By using methods such as screen printing, you can control which part of the material shows through bringing a combination of matte color and sparkle to your design.
  • Perfect for Packaging
    Because Galaxy is based on dyed through kraft paper there are no unsightly white edges on the material making it perfect for box wraps and other packaging options. It is also affixable with animal, hot melt and synthetic glues.
  • Sustainability
    All Galaxy colors are acid free, carbon black free, lignin free, chlorine free, archival and recyclable. All colors FSC® certified (RA-COC-003258) and EU REACH, TSCA, RoHS, CPSIA, ISQ 8124 PART 3, ASTM F963, Prop. 65, and EN 71 compliant.

For More information on Galaxy, or to order samples, please click here.

Introducing Rainbow® Woodgrain

June 2018 -

Ecological Fibers is pleased to announce the arrival of the newest member our famous Rainbow® uncoated Kraft paper line. Woodgrain was specifically designed to be a cost effective alternative to wood veneer. This kraft paper features a highly realistic print pattern which mimics the natural grains of wood which is married with a high resolution embossing which accents the design even more.

  • • 8 Vibrant colors are available now! – Each color is specially designed to mimic a specific type of veneer whether it be ebony, oak, cherry,or birch. We do this by carefully adjusting our ink colors to enhance, or contrast with the dyed through kraft paper to create eye catching combinations
  • • Designed for Designers – One of the issues with natural wood grain patterns is the extreme contrast in the grain pattern makes it hard to overlay text or line art without losing legibility. Each color in our Woodgrain line is specifically designed to produce a wood pattern that is both realistic and subtle enough to allow text and line based design enhancements to stand out on them. So don’t be worried about adding some text or a logo to this material, it will look great.
  • • Dyed though uncoated kraft – Color all the way through means no unsightly white edges means a truly realistic final product with crisp clean edges and folds. This opens up the idea of seamless transitions of colors and design elements, combining solids, textures and other patterns with Woodgrain to create unbelievable final designs.
  • • Custom colors available – Due to it being based on our Rainbow® uncoated line, we have over 90 stocked hues that could be turned into a custom Woodgrain color. If you require something different, we offer completely customized options.
  • • Certifications:  Every Woodgrain color is Acid free, carbon black free, lignin free, chlorine free, archival and recyclable. The entire line is FSC® certified (RA-COC-003258) and EU REACH, TSCA, RoHS, CPSIA, ISQ 8124 PART 3, ASTM F963, Prop. 65, and EN 71 compliant.

Introducing the 9 new colors of our Rainbow line

December 2017 -

Our Rainbow 70 & 80# lines of uncoated kraft paper, famous for the dexterity and brilliant colors have been expanded to include nine new colors. These colors were specifically chosen after feedback by our valued clients to assist them in having hues that were lacking:


Cherry offers a vibrant hue of red that nestles perfectly between our Salsa, which has a slight magenta feel to it, and our Cayenne, which leans a bit yellow. This now expands our red paper selection to eight different hues, which will allow the perfect solution for any designers needs.

Huntergreen, is remarkable for being a hue of green that is darker in shade yet still saturated with color. Darker than our Fern, Huntergreen now opens our series of green hues with this new deep, dark hue.

True Blue Blues are always tricky to match, the human eye can distinguish green and blue better than any other colors, which means designers are always struggling to find that perfect hue. True Blue stands out for its intensity, it matches the saturation of our famous Royal color, but is deeper and slightly darker in its hue. This new color is featured in our Embossing sections of our new deck.

Dijon Sometimes the name of a color describes the hue better than any description you can write. Dijon, our new Orange/Yellow hue matches that burnt yellow color that you see in the condiments section of any market. This beautiful, intense color is becoming a constant hit in the design world. This brings our Orange/Yellow hue collection to seven.

Camel offers a deep brown color with an ever so slight reddish tint. Similar to the color of standard cardboard, it allows any designer to add the look of artisanship to any project.

Ultra Black Our new little black dress. Ultra Black is our deepest, darkest black to date. The black, with a slight blueish hue, offers a black option with a cool hue to it, rather than our Black which has a slight warmish hue. This new addition gives you three choices for any design that requires a black uncoated paper.

Manatee This new grey has a slight warmish color to it that adds a bit of intrigue to the grey. This color, which sits in the middle of our 5 shades of our grey line, stands as one of the most beautiful greys we have ever produced.

Cream This delightful new off white color has hints of reds and yellows in its appearance without overpowering the crisp whiteness of it. The color is both subtle yet powerful as it can give a hint of vintage class and elegance.

Umber This classic hue is one of the most versatile colors known. It can be used on anything ranging from ultra chic, rustic and historical themes. The dark brown has hints of orange that make it stand out above all other browns.  

New Rainbow Endleaf Colors!

November 2017 -

Over the next few weeks, be on the lookout for new colors in our Rainbow® 70 and 80 uncoated paper lines, and in our Rainbow® LX and Ultima lines. We've been working hard to get these ready to release and are in love with the new hues. 

Our Rainbow® 70 and 80 lines will feature 9 new colore: Huntergreen, True Blue, Cherry, Dijon, Camel, Ultra Black, Manatee, Cream and Umber. Each of these colors were selected to fill voids left in our current selection of over 80 colors. Our Cherry color is a darker, more saturated red than our others. Manatee has a slight coolness to the grey which hints and bluish purple, and our Ultra Black is our darkest black to date! 

Stay tuned for more news from Ecological Fibers! 


New 2016 General Policies and Guidelines

June 2016 -

We are pleased to launch the updated 2016 General Policies and Guidelines document. As we continuously strive to provide you quality and reliable products, services, and support we hope you find these guidelines honest, just, and helpful. Please be sure to download or print and read this document as these guidelines include valuable information on our processes moving forward.

If you have any question please feel free to reach out to your dedicated account executive or customer service team. We are happy to help and here to assist you.


The new RADIANCE® line offers dazzling pigments and luxurious finishes

February 2016 -

RADIANCE® embodies a brilliant combination of vibrantly saturated hues with a jewel toned color-shifting finish that radiates from within. Offered in bold colors, contemporary textures, and two chic finishes, Plush™ (soft-touch) and Polish (high-gloss), RADIANCE® presents a background of style that shimmers with flair.

Rainbow® Marble™ brings a new collection of stone colors to the design table

January 2016 -

Inspired by the popular demand of our two existing items, Mica and Ebony Marble, Ecological Fibers is expanding this line to provide designers with a more complete collection of color options. In addition to traditional gold and silver options, we now present RAINBOW® Marble™ with a modernized selection of neutral tones, varying in shades of blue, green, and purple.

Ecological Fibers to Exibit at Luxepack in Monaco - October 2015

October 2015 -

Ecological will be at Luxepack Monaco, October 21-23, 2015. Come visit us at this world-class luxury packaging show at BOOTH # AA4

CLICK HERE to Watch a Video of last year's show

Ecological Fibers Wins Pewter Award In 2015 Gold Ink Awards

October 2015 -

Printing Impressions magazine, producer of the annual Gold Ink Awards, announced that Ecological Fibers has won a Pewter Award for their entry, titled The Buried Giant in the Book Jacket category.

Rainbow® 80 featured in Printing Impressions® monthly newsletter

April 2015 -

“The Buried Giant” book jacket was featured in Printing Impressions® monthly newsletter and entered in NAPCO’s Gold Ink Awards, showcasing eggshell colored Rainbow® 80 uncoated kraft with a unique BB embossing and beautiful black and gold foil embelishments- Read the Full Article HERE

Rainbow® 3 Brings Contemporary Colors to Book and Packaging Covering Designs

January 2015 -

Ecological Fibers, Inc., a global leader in manufacturing and designing premier, environmentally sound, covering solutions is pleased to announce the launch of a new Rainbow®3 color line. The 2015 new color selection combines exquisite whites, greys, and blacks with masculine blues, greens, and reds creating an extensive and rich color palette.

Lumina® Cover Material Brings Earthy Tones and Metallic Hues to Books and Packaging

January 2015 -

Ecological Fibers, Inc., a global leader in manufacturing and designing premier, environmentally sound, covering solutions is pleased to announce the launch of the new 2015 Lumina® color line. Exquisitely polished to offer earthy tones and metallic hues, the Lumina® line pairs vintage hues with lavish textures, creating the ideal metallic collection for kraft-based material.

Expose™ Coated Paper Offers the Touch of Luxury with the Economy of a Kraft

January 2015 -

Ecological Fibers, Inc., a global leader in manufacturing and designing premier, environmentally-sound, covering solutions is pleased to announce the launch of the new 2015 Expose™ color line. Offering the touch of luxury, at the economy of a kraft, Expose™ expands the scope of custom branding and design opportunities for covering projects.

Ecological Launches Excel® Lightweight Covering Material for Books Packaging and Stationery

January 2015 -

Ecological Fibers, Inc., a global leader in manufacturing and designing premier, environmentally sound, covering solutions is pleased to announce the launch of the new 2015 Excel® color line. The new Excel® collection offers a collection of contemporary and timeless embossings, combining engaging colors with captivating textures unique to the lightweight covering market.

Essex™ Cover Material Offers Linen Look for Book and Packaging Markets

January 2015 -

Ecological Fibers, Inc., a global leader in manufacturing and designing premier, environmentally sound, covering solutions is pleased to announce the launch of the new 2015 Essex™ color line. Designed with a contemporary cloth print and authentic linen texture, Essex™ offers the look and feel of a natural cloth, with the composition and handling ease of a dyed-through kraft.

Carezza™ Brings New Flocked Covering Material to Luxury Packaging Market

January 2015 -

Ecological Fibers, Inc., a global leader in manufacturing and designing premier, environmentally sound, covering solutions is pleased to announce the launch of the new Carezza™ product line. The new collection includes neon green, bright blue, and chic purple hues, providing contemporary, vivid covering options across covering applications.