Our Pledge. Our Promise. Our Purpose.

Since inception, Ecological Fibers has pledged itself to the development of quality products which meet customers' needs and support their business goals, while exceeding service expectations. Forty-five years later, we continue to stand by our founding pillars, putting our customers first in all aspects of doing business. Our focus has and always will be our customers, and providing products they can trust backed with a dependable, global network of support.
We are Ecological, and we believe in the Eco-Advantage.

The Eco-Advantage


Today, our valued global customers rely on our flexible business terms, global sales support, and dependable product quality – ready and responsive in today’s ever-changing and challenging business environment. We strive to provide our customers outstanding responsiveness and trustworthy confidentiality – achieving the expected positive results while developing and nuturing lasting customer relationships. With our company-wide focus on product qualilty and our traditional family-business values, we take pride in the Ecological network of customers, employees, and distributors. Dedicated to sales support and customer service, we strive to provide our customers valuable solutions is all aspects of their business needs:

  • Global network and international distribution
  • Unparalleled collection of embossing options
  • Low minimum orders and customer fit support programs
  • Custom products, custom colors, and custom textures
  • Quick ship options
  • Complete product variety
  • Flexible consignment programs
  • Competitive prices
  • Complete stock/ inventory- we make it, we store it


Together, we are globally committed to providing environmentally-sound covering solutions that inspire design creativity and enhance product value. This is more than just a platform, but rather our global business culture. It embodies who we are and what we believe with a genuine focus on our customer relationships:

Sustainability - 

Environmental pioneers in green manufacturing and advocates in social responsibility with a commitment to:

- Our Customers
- Our Employees
- Our Products

Value - 

Through our experienced personnel and manufacturing operations, responsive client relations, and exceptional custom sampling, we provide the support needed to maximize customer results.

Customer Focus - 

Globally committed to providing our customers incomparable responsiveness, outstanding dependability, and trustworthy confidentiality – achieving valuable results while developing long lasting personal relationships.

Flexibility - 

Investments in raw materials, resources, and finished goods inventory, provide our customers unparalleled global support that meets their individual business needs.

Financial Stability - 

Financially a debt-free, Profit Sharing company. We have the resources to continually invest in new product designs, manufacturing technology, and our employees. We honor payments on-time and meet all financial obligations.

Innovation - 

Our solvent-free coatings accept foil stamping, printing, and burnishing designs and are compatible with various foils and pigments. Our foil to coating adhesion surpasses stamping expectations and industry standards and preserves foil designs throughout contact with heat, pressure, and water.

Success - 

Creative, supportive, and committed to both the solutions we provide and the customer relationship we build.

Knowledge and Professionalism - 

We have the resources, experience, and global commitment to deliver covering solutions to specifiers and buying customers.