You Can Judge A Book By It’s Cover

A great cover can draw you in and persuade you to start a page by page journey of discovery, knowledge, and fulfillment. It is a cover’s color, texture, and design that grab the attention of bookshelf browsers, luring them in through appearance alone. With eye-catching, captivating designs from spine to side panel, a cover foreshadows the essence of the writing within and enhances the reading experience, from start to finish.

From the beauty of minimalism to the splendor of detail, covering designs across genres speak to readers in ways e-books cannot. They provide an abstract, intriguing, and inviting visual that can only be accomplished through texture, color, composition, and touch. Across designs, from novels to trade books, hard to soft covers, spine to end leaf, we understand the importance of design and are committed to providing authentic, quality covering and end leaf materials to designers across all book markets.

Our Rainbow® line is the industry leader for hardcover trade and juvenile books. However, you’ll find Ecological Fibers’ covering material on a wide range of applications, from bibles to diaries, photo books to dust jackets, and corporate publishing to planners as well as stationery for greeting cards and envelopes…. No matter the application, we’ve got you covered.

Bonded Leather

Flocked Paper