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Ecological is More Than Just a Name

When you look back at the environmental impact of Ecological Fibers, you’ll notice that our major achievements weren’t the result of environmental regulations, far from it. Our dedication to being environmentally responsible comes from an internal desire to do the right thing. Today, companies are forced through laws and regulations to consider things like responsibly sourcing materials, removing harmful chemicals, and concentrating on carbon emissions or “footprint”. Ecological Fibers has had sustainability in mind since inception. In other words, we became a sustainable company before it became a selling point.
For us, there is no other option.

“We have a responsibility to the world, the country, & future generations. That’s a driving force for our business … Ecological has always been at the forefront of that positive change.”
– John Penatzer, Vice President of Operations

The Ecological Promise

Ecological Fibers does not incorporate any of the hazardous solvents or heavy metals typically found in coated covering materials. Instead, we have created coatings that are water based and completely solvent free. As a result, our products contain no traces of PCB, PVB, or PVC –  plastics and chemicals known to cause adverse effects on the health of humans, animals, and the environment. Our constant innovation and promise to enhance our products and practices ensures that we will continue on a path towards a more environmentally responsible future.

As a global manufacturer and distributor, it is Ecological Fibers’ responsibility to supply the highest quality covering materials to the book, stationery, packaging, and security document industries without compromising on our commitment to sustainability, and ensuring the health and safety of our customers and employees.

Wastewater before vs. after Ecological Fibers’ in-house water treatment system

Clean Water In, Clean Water Out

Ecological Fibers is always looking for ways to exceed our current sustainability levels. This project came from the initiative to reduce water usage, after realizing that there was no need for us to continue to use fresh water. Our vision was to do something that hadn’t been previously done, and was completely customized to fit our needs.

Our new water treatment system produces 2 disposable waste products – a solid, compostable “cake” and a clean water stream. The clean water is used to clean the plant and machines, and the solids are composted in our garden outside of the facility. Our water cycle remains in-house, without need for any outside involvement. We are on track to save over 300,000 gallons of water, and 720,000 lbs of solid waste this year through implementing this new, modern system.

Taking on the Plastics Problem

According to the EPA, 91.3% of plastic is never recycled and is destined for landfills or being incinerated. This is a scary thought, especially considering that it is estimated that around 430 million tons of plastic is produced annually. It’s easy to picture plastic bottles as being the main culprit, but often forgotten are materials such as film laminates and coatings which are a large contributor to the plastic problem. At Ecological Fibers, it has never been our policy to bypass an environmental issue that we could overcome with some hard work and ingenuity. From the start we have tackled these issues head on. We were the first to remove all solvents from our coatings, became the first producer of 100% organic, plastic-free coated materials, & have created a plastic-free solution to film lamination in publishing with EcoPrint™ 7.

Book jackets using EcoPrint™ 7

Interested in More?

Our updated Green Brochure is the go-to resource for all of Ecological Fiber’s sustainability initiatives. Inside, you can find in-depth information on our solvent-free coatings, new water treatment plant, emissions reports, & more!