A corrugated box is more than a folded piece of cardboard. Corrugation comes from layering 3 pieces of cardboard or fiberboard, with the middle layer having waved arches called flutes. These boxes are impact-resistant, and durable enough to safely ship valuables across the country or deliver a pizza to your door.

Their unfortunate downside is that they lack personality. Usually seen in white or in their natural state, they aren’t memorable and they certainly aren’t pretty. They’re something that mindlessly gets thrown into a recycling bin, never to be thought of again. It doesn’t need to be this way, though.

Did you know that Ecological Fibers materials can be used to design custom corrugated boxes? With our abundant choices of colors and textures, it’s easy to create a look that is unique to you and your brand.

This custom lid has the look & feel of a football thanks to our Sports Cover® Pigskin textured material. Rounding out this unique and interesting box is a Rainbow® 80 Ultra Black base with a Hammered 591 embossing.

This plastic-free corrugated box feels as unique as it looks, with a Rainbow® 3 Plastic Free exterior, embossed in Triton 996 to give some life and texture. Paired with a metallic Rainbow® Marble interior that brings immense character to this box.

Want texture from the inside out? This box is lined with our flocked Prestige® in Petal for a plush, suede-like feel that brings a sense of luxury to your product. Complemented by a Rainbow® 3 Plastic Free Lavender exterior, embossed in Colonial 101.

This corrugated, self-supporting product display features our Galaxy shed-proof glitter paper as the facing side of the corrugated material, giving this display an eye-catching glimmer to match the snowy printed image.

This corrugated, hinged box features our Rainbow® 80 kraft paper on the outside and fluted parts of the material. One side features our Emerald color with our Crocodile embossing, while the other side features Ultra Black. 

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    Keep the interior simple, while still making a statement from the outside. This box has a bright, bold look thanks to Rainbow® 3 Plastic Free in Meadow. Our unique Figleaf 510 embossing brings the entire look together with added charm.