Thank you for helping us make the Rainbow® Paper line the market leader in specialty cover solutions. 

Over the years we have added colors, textures, and water based coatings to make this line the designer and manufacturer’s choice for packaging and publishing projects. We continue to adjust and develop options to keep Rainbow® relevant and dynamic.

Over the past several years, market changes have affected the popularity and product application of certain colors within our Rainbow® line of papers. In order to ensure that we continue to operate efficiently while stocking the best color selections in the world, we find it necessary to realign our color palate beginning June 1st, 2020:

  • Colors that have been consistently popular will continue to be stocked as both Rainbow® 70 and Rainbow® 80. Colors with lower volume, usually due to their uniqueness, will be carried only in the Rainbow® 80 line.
  • Several of our more saturated colors will move from group A to group B.
  • To simplify inventory, we will offer stock master widths of 53” and 46”. All of our standard converting options remain available.

We would like to note that all of our current colors will remain in the line. We have tried to make the impact of these changes minimal, maintaining a generous color and embossing selection. Updated Rainbow® 70 and 80 lists are available with the above changes.

We are dedicated to supporting our Rainbow® line with the quick turnaround and high quality you have come to depend on. Your sales and customer service representatives are readily available to discuss these changes if you have any questions or comments.