Print Pattern Size Chart

Textile Patterns

Acid Wash 40in (101.6cm)
Burlap – 57in (144.78cm)
CL Linen – 57in (144.78cm)
Creel – 57in (144.78cm)
Crepe – 57in (144.78cm)
Cross Grain
– 40in (101.6cm)

Denim -44in (111.76cm)
Denim Weave -40in (101.6cm)
Expanse – 57in (144.78cm)
Gold Linen – 57in (144.78cm)
Herringbone – 38in (96.52cm)
Lace -44in (111.76cm)
Natural Linen -44in (111.76cm)
New Book – 57in (144.78cm)
New Linen -44in (111.76cm)
Plaid -40in (101.6cm)
Scrim – 57in (144.78cm)
Sheen -44in (111.76cm)
SL Linen – 57in (144.78cm)
UL Linen -44in (111.76cm)
Weave – 40in (101.6cm)

Leather Patterns

Brahama – 57in (144.78cm)
Bravo – 40in (101.6cm)
Cloud – 57in (144.78cm)
Cordoba – 57in (144.78cm)
Corinthian – 57in (144.78cm)
Distressed – 40in (101.6cm)
Florentine – 40in (101.6cm)
Goat – 57in (144.78cm)
Italian Leather – 57in (144.78cm)
Leatherex – 57in (144.78cm)
Moorish – 40in (101.6cm)
Moresque – 40in (101.6cm)
New Leather – 57in (144.78cm)
Sahara – 57in (144.78cm)
Shoulder – 57in (144.78cm
Sorrento – 57in (144.78cm)
Spania – 57in (144.78cm)
Swirl – 40in (101.6cm)
Valencia – 57in (144.78cm)
Verona – 57in (144.78cm)
Vienna – 57in (144.78cm)

Wood Patterns

Burl -44in (111.76cm)
Cork – 57in (144.78cm)
New Wood – 57in (144.78cm)
Wood – 57in (144.78cm)
Woodgrain – 57in (144.78cm)

Stone Patterns

Crackle – 57in (144.78cm)
Crystal – 57in (144.78cm)
Large Granite – 57in (144.78cm)
Marble – 40in (101.6cm)
Slate – 57in (144.78cm)
Small Granite – 57in (144.78cm)

Graphic Patterns

Carnation – 40in (101.6cm)
Chevrnon – 40in (101.6cm)
Cross – 40in (101.6cm)
Daisy – 40in (101.6cm)
Dart – 40in (101.6cm)
Feather – 40in (101.6cm)
Fleur de Lis – 40in (101.6cm)
Leaf – 40in (101.6cm)
Mezotint – 57in (144.78cm)
Ostrich – 44in (111.76cm)
Scroll – 40in (101.6cm)
Shell  – 44in (111.76cm)
Staghorn – 40in (101.6cm)
Starlight – 40in (101.6cm)
Sripe – 44in (111.76cm)

Print Patterns

Please note that these patterns are not universal in scale, they have been sized to show as much of the repeating pattern as possible. For more information, please contact our marketing team.