The look, the feel, the character – a book’s cover invites readers into a page by page, soothing, spiritual journey. Create distinct covers that embody the essence of the Word within and enhance the spiritual connection from start to finish.

Ranging from coated paper, cloth, leather, and PU substrates, Ecological Fibers offers a wide collection of covering materials that provide designers of religious works the quality solutions that will meet their branding goals and enhance the publications’ spiritual identity.  The ability to decorate with foil stamping, blind stamping, printing, or heat burnishing allows our materials to help provide an authentic and timeless cover design to life’s most precious writings.

Covering with authentic textures, plush surfaces, and brilliant colors offers readers an array of options unique to their personal preference. Let the cover speak to readers just as much as the Word within, personalizing the spiritual experience.

Bonded Leather