Quality Cover Materials with Peace of Mind

Ecological Fibers offers a wide range of specialty coated paper solutions while abiding by our own internal ecological regulations. From polish to matte finishes, soft-touch coatings, vegan-leathers and so much more, you’re sure to find the coated product that best fits your needs without compromising on quality, customization or environmental preservation.

Through decades of constant innovation since our inception in 1972, we have worked to develop coated paper materials without the aid of hazardous solvents. Now, our signature water-based coatings protect not only the product that they cover, but also the health and safety of our customers, employees and the environment.

If you are looking to add a sense of luxury to your next project then we have the solution for you. No matter the design, Ecological Fibers has got you covered.

*Ecological Fibers now has the capability to use the Agion® antimicrobial additive to inhibit and limit the growth of bacteria on our custom antimicrobial treated products. For more information on this additive and how it may be used, please visit the following link: https://www.sciessent.com/knowledge-hub/#news

Water Based Coatings

Clean water in, clean water out. Every time.

1.2 Million Gallons Every Year

Our in-house water treatment facility processes 1.2 million gallons of water annually assuring that the water that leaves our plant is safe to be re-introduced into our local water systems. Our kids swim and fish in that water, and their safety is our priority.

No Heavy Metals

We refuse to use any heavy metals in our coatings.

Zero use of heavy metals.

Heavy metals can contaminate our soil and ground water which can be ingested by animals and humans. It would be irresponsible for us to use these when we have the capability to invent greener alternatives, therefore we promise never to use heavy metals in our coatings.

Solvent Free

All of Ecological Fibers' coatings are 100% solvent free.

Not now, not ever.

Early in our history, the leadership of this company realized that using solvents was harmful to the environment, and even worse for our employees. We made a promise to never resort to using solvents to create our coatings, and we haven’t used them since.

Compostable Solid Waste

Truly biodegradable solid waste.

700 tons every year

Biodegradable is a touchy word. Many companies use this term in a general sense to give their clients false security on the environmental aspects of their products. Ecological Fibers’ produces over 700 tons of TRULY compostable, chemical free solid waste from our clean coating practices.