Welcome to the New Ecological Fibers Website

After careful consideration and months of planning and development, we are proud to be able to deliver a more simple and exciting way to browse our materials. We hope as well that this new website provides an opportunity for you to learn a little more about what makes us Ecological Fibers.

Within this new platform, you will find many new tools that we have created in order to provide a more realistic and seamless product evaluation. Here are just a few of the many new features that we have decided to incorporate into our new website.

Adobe® Swatch Download Tool

In order to assist designers in creating realistic mockups and design components for their projects, Ecological Fibers has created Adobe® swatch files for many of our materials. Now, anyone can download these files, upload them to their personal Adobe® programs and have realistic RGB swatches of our colors ready to use right on their desktop. These swatches were generated using calibrated monitors and scans allowing for realistic representations of our materials.

Please remember, these swatches are for reference only, colors may slightly differ from monitor to monitor. Stay tuned for tips on how to use this new feature!

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Read our “How To” guide here

Simplified Browsing

We take pride in our ability to provide our customers with the most extensive array of cover solutions in the industry. From our diverse lines of coated and uncoated products, our wovens, flocked substrates, PU materials and more, we are sure to have the perfect solution to suit your project’s every need.

With our new Product Browser page, you can sort through all of our materials with ease. Filter by product type, thickness, or potential application and scroll through our offerings without losing track of the essentials like minimum order quantities and a brief material description.

Already know just what you’re looking for? We have pages available for you to search specifically by product and project type. Finding the perfect material for your next design has never been easier.

Embossing and Color View

If you look in each of our individual product pages, you will find our solution to a prior inability to display the look and feel of our embossings individually placed on various colors and materials. Though these images do not perfectly represent what each individual finished product will look like, we are proud to be able to provide a much more accurate representation of our finished product. This way you are able to better grasp the finished look of your next design. Simply choose your desired color and click through our various embossing options available for the chosen material to gain a sense for what your final piece will look like.

Find your perfect match and order a sample directly from the page to see your finished product in person.

Personalized Customer Support

Ecological Fibers was founded on family roots, and has continued to grow and expand while maintaining tight family ties. This is why we take such pride in continually providing you with a state of the art customer service experience.

For your convenience, we have taken the liberty of personalizing your browsing experience with the contact information of your Dedicated Sales Representative for you to reach out to at any time. This can be found in the top left corner of your screen. 

If you have not had the opportunity to meet Eco, simply click the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen and he will aid you in your browsing experience. We also have industry experts standing by, ready to answer all of your questions and help guide you through every step of the production process.

From the start, we have worked to continually provide our clients with the best customer service experience in the industry. We hope that you take the time to reach out to our team and find out what Ecological can do to help your next project jump off the shelf.

Interactive Tools

We work in a tactile industry. Conveying the final look and feel of a customized finished product is a difficult task while looking at a screen. This is why we have incorporated interactive new tools in various pages to help display the final look of a number of different altered materials. We know, however, that an interactive image on a screen can only go so far. That is why we have also made sure to simplify our sample ordering process.

There are now multiple ways to place a sample order, the first of which being through our easy-to-use Sample Request page. The second is directly through the individual product page. Regardless of which option you choose, your order will be sent to our sample department and delivered to your doorstep.

The New Eco Blog

This blog is our newest way of keeping you up to date with all of the new developments, innovations and happenings going on behind the scenes at Ecological Fibers and throughout the specialty paper industry! There’s always something new and exciting going on here, and this new tool will help keep you as up to date as possible with any pertinent and relevant information that you may need to assist you in completing any of your upcoming projects.

If there is a topic that you would like for us to cover in this new platform, we are always open to new ideas. Simply reach out to aclay@ecofibers.com with your questions and ideas, and we will be sure to add it to our ever expanding list of topics.

We are very excited about the potential this new creative space allows us to explore, as we are able to provide exciting new insights and innovations in a way that was not previously possible. We look forward to hearing from you with any ideas that you may have, and thank you very much for stopping by to learn a little more about Ecological Fibers.

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