Glacier is an FSC® Certified translucent paper that captivates the eye with a frosty veil. It can combine intrigue and transparency allowing you to incorporate surrounding design elements into your final product. Blend over another image to tantalize with a soft ghosted effect. Match it with a solid hue for harmonious color schemes, or create stunning designs that utilize layered printing. Glacier has been spotted being used as dust jackets, fly sheets, stationery products, photo books, special occasion projects, and more. See it all, without showing it all!

Offered in a collection of different weights, displaying different opacities. 

Base Composition:

Translucent Paper


80 gsm / 110 gsm / 130 gsm / 180 gsm / 220gsm


Natural and Uncoated

Minimum Order:

200 Yds

Standard put up:

Standard Domestic Roll:
Width: 26 inch

Length: Call for Details

Weight: Call for Details

Standard International Roll:
Call For Details

Certifications & Compliances:

FSC® Certified – NC-COC-003258. Meets Prop. 65, EU Reach, RoHS, EN71, and TSCA compliant.