Bringing a rainbow of designs to the board-weight world

Fusing the modern design and color options of our cover materials with a board-weight, Flexpak® sets the new standard for luxury folding carton designs. Here natural, mattone, and embossed bases meet an extensive selection of soft-touch, pearl, and radiant finishes. With customizable coatings and unique texturing capabilities, Flexpak® brings authenticity to the folding carton industry, breaking the mold for designers and brands across retail markets.

With global brand recognition in mind, you can be sure Flexpak® offers the color consistency and brand individuality you seek on shelves around the world. All stock and custom Flexpak® products are made in-house and designed to meet custom branding specifications. Across applications, from folding cartons, to bags and boxes, you can be sure your brand will be displayed with the same color, texture, and consistency- strengthen your global brand identity.



Fusing dimensional stability with eye-catching effects, Flexpak® breaks away from ordinary board finishes.

With duplex, soft-touch, and leather finishes, Flexpak® offers dynamic multi-color, multi-faceted looks that cannot be achieved through board alone.