We are excited to announce that this year, first place for the Adobe® Dieline Awards went to our long-time friends at Taylor Box in Warren, Rhode Island, for their impressive box set commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Adidas Superstar sneaker, made famous by the hip-hop group Run DMC. This custom box was designed by the Taylor Box team and Parallel Design House to hold a Limited Edition LP, tracksuit, and sneakers.

For materials, Taylor Box decided to wrap the exterior of the box in Alpha® Aston 3707 Black PU and lined the inside surfaces with our Radiance™ light shifting, coated paper. For the custom tray that holds the LP, our Prestige® flocked material was chosen to not only give the look of velvet but offer a soft, ideal place for the vinyl to be stored.

These materials, matched with the impressive designs from Taylor Box, created a truly unique and luxurious package that was a perfect homage to this groundbreaking group of musicians.

We are proud to say that we had a small part in this, and once again congratulate everyone on a job well done!