Sturdy. Stylish. Sustainable.

High quality, long lasting packaging shouldn’t come at the cost of the environment. For 50 years, Ecological Fibers has been at the forefront of sustainability in our industry, and a trusted source for publishers and luxury brand’s packaging for decades. If the environment is a priority for your company, you can rest assured that all our materials are sustainably sourced and made. If you want to take your eco-friendliness to the next level, we offer a wide variety of materials that range from plastic free, recycled, to completely tree free.

Your packaging should stand out and be something your customers are proud to display. We have everything you need to make that happen.

Boxset w/ Slipcase - Rainbow® LX, Goat embossing, foil stamping


Ecological Fibers is no stranger to the publishing world. Our materials are made to last, and are able to withstand day to day wear & tear without any need to compromise on style. Our extensive design and customization choices make it easier than ever to help your vision become a reality. From soft to the touch covers, to end sheet paper that leave your signature touch as soon as you take a look inside.

We suggest Arizona® & Aurora™ for attractive coated materials that feel as nice as they look. Rainbow® 80 is a mainstay in publishing, and Rainbow® Marble is a stunning metallic option. To make a statement, our Lotus™ woven material accepts high quality, bold printing.

Boxes & Packaging

First impressions are everything, which makes your outer box design one of the most important aspects of your product. Create something that will be displayed for years with our abundant design choices.

Our variety of packaging materials can be easily curated with our variety of embossings, creating boxes that seamlessly pair with your specific game. Matador® & Rainbow® 3 Plastic Free are excellent choices, and pair nicely with foil stamping, offset printing, & much more.
The customization possibilities are endless.

Unique customization shouldn’t stop with the outer packaging. Make the inside of your packaging pop with an offset print or flocked Prestige®, and print a design onto our folding cartons for stylish card storage.

2-Piece Lay Flat Box - Rainbow® LX Plush, Komodo embossing, foil stamping, silk screen (outer), Rainbow® 80, offset print design (inner)
Soft-Touch Board & Box - Matador®, Triton embossing, foil stamping (board), Matador®, Antelope embossing, foil stamping (box)


The board serves as the base – both literally and figuratively – to the game itself. Make it last.

Make any board come to life with our water-based coated materials that keep your board flawless for years to come.

Whether you’re looking for polished or matte finishes, we’ve got you and your board covered. Rainbow® LX, Excel®, and our wide range of Mirage® products are fantastic choices.


Whether you need to keep a secret for the end game, or you’re looking to thank donors for helping bring your game to life, we have numerous ways to customize stationery. Our Rainbow® 80 line has 70+ colors to perfectly match the aesthetic of your game. Choose one of our 100+ embossings or a foil stamp for that added touch.

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