Rainbow® Woodgrain Plastic Free Tube and Boxes

On display is a collection of boxes and tube wrapped in our plastic-free Rainbow® Woodgrain line. The tube is wrapped in our Earth 3905 Rainbow® Woodgrain, and the collection of boxes is wrapped in our Putty 3904 Rainbow® Woodgrain. Our line of Rainbow® Woodgrain materials brings a style of class in elegance to any project.

Rainbow® Woodgrain features the look and feel of genuine wood while maintaining the decorating and performance capabilities of our Rainbow® 80 line, all while being plastic-free. The grain on a piece of wood is one of the most alluring patterns in the natural world and is brought to life with a 100% Organic, plastic-free printed pattern and coating. Woodgrain is FSC® Certified, acid-free, lignin-free, and archival, as with the rest of our Rainbow® Paper line.