Choose Your Covering Material... The Ecological Way.

In 1972, Ecological Fibers, Inc. was founded on progressive environmental principles and policies. “Ecological” is more than our name, it represents an environmental value and our pledge to meet the highest standards of sustainability and social responsibility. Under our globally recognized trademark, Rainbow®, we have consistently employed the most innovative technology to design chic, fashionable, high quality products that meet and exceed environmental, health, and safety standards internationally. As a global manufacturer and distributor, we supply the highest quality covering materials to the book, stationery, packaging, and security document industries without compromising our commitment to protecting the environment and ensuring the health and safety of our most important assets: our customers and employees. We remain steadfast to these commitments and take pride in providing the most environmentally sound cover solutions.

Ecological Fibers has always been committed to implementing the cleanest and safest state-of-the-art technology.  In 1985, our company pioneered water-based acrylic technologies while others continued using traditional solvent, air-polluting coatings. This was no easy task, but we prospered and met our zero emissions goal. To date, we continue to operate free of oversight and operations monitoring from the Environmental Protection Agency, as our processes are EPA-approved and require zero regulation.

On the 25th anniversary celebration of Earth Day, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency presented Ecological Fibers, Inc. with an honorary environmental award, recognizing us as an innovative leader in the manufacture of ecologically-friendly coated cover materials.

As we continue to grow and expand into new markets, we stand by our initial pledge:

  • To aggressively explore and evaluate alternative, environmentally responsible resources
  • To employ only ecologically sound manufacturing processes
  • To provide a healthy and safe work environment for our employees
  • To manufacture environmentally safe products for our customers


Ecological Fibers proudly affirms:

All products are 100% solvent free, originating from forests that are managed under the highest social and environmental standards (COC certified):

  • All Rainbow® products are acid-free, lignin-free, elemental chlorine-free, and archival.
  • Rainbow® manufacturing processes are approved and require zero regulation by the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • All Rainbow® papers are FSC® certified.
  • All Rainbow® products are CPSIA and Prop. 65 compliant.
  • All Ecologocal products meet or exceed EU REACH, TSCA, RoHS, ISO 8124 PART 3, ASTM F963 and EN 71 requirements.
  • All Ecological Fibers coated materials are manufactured using clean coating systems and water-based, acrylic technologies.

 All Ecological Fibers' products embody the Green Chemistry Ecological Fibers is renowned for:

  • Zero hazardous solvents or heavy metals in our modern soft touch coating.
  • Solvent-free, water based coatings contain zero hazardous pollution components; residue does not have to be incinerated or stored in special hazardous waste areas.
  • 100% water based, solvent-free coatings; no PCB, PVB, or carcinogens present - recycled coating waste is qualified for composting.
  • All paper waste from the manufacturing of Rainbow® products is recycled.
  • Our coating facility uses 100% Natural gas as a source of energy; Natural gas emits 30% less carbon dioxide than oil and reduces the emissions that contribute to acid rain.
  • Water used in our manufacturing processes is cleaned through our proprietary, in house waste-water treatment facility; ensuring all color impurities are filtered out, returning clean water to the community.
  • All applicable packaging and office waste resulting from development and manufacturing is recycled and re-used.
  • All facilities use motion detection, energy efficient lighting.


FSC® Product Collection:

We strive to develop products to meet our consumers’ needs across market segments, while honoring FSC® and Chain of Custody specifications where ever possible. Today, we offer one of the most extensive selections of FSC® certified products in our industry.


FSC® certified products ( RA- COC- 003258):



Rainbow® 70

Rainbow® 80

Rainbow® 100

Rainbow® 500

Rainbow® 3

Rainbow® 17 & 22

Rainbow® LX

Rainbow® LX Bible Endleaf

Rainbow® Marble™


Eco-Cover® (17, 22, 25)

Eco-Print II™







    Gray Kraft Caselining

    Highbond (50#)



    Lumina® Pearlescent


    Mirage® (all products)