A RAINBOW of Options to Enhance Your Brand

Ecological Fibers offers the largest variety of color, texture, and designs solutions, giving you an endless array of covering material options. Our world-renowned Rainbow® colored paper offers designers an endless selection of colors and textures, meeting product specifications while enhancing brand authenticity across global markets.

With a spectrum of 100% solvent-free, environmentally-sound covering materials, our covering options continuously provide customers across markets quality solutions and a value they trust.  Choose from an array of substrates, ranging in composition, color, and design, or share with us your next custom creation. With the ability to create original designs, match custom colors, and develop new products, you can be sure your next covering design will be unmatched in quality, character, and authenticity.



Ranging from design to development and across all stages of the manufacturing process, we have a solution for you.
From a books' bare bones to the smooth finish of a top-shelf case — We’ve Got You Covered.