Ecological Fibers puts discarded plastic waste to good use

Each year, around 400 million tons of plastic is produced. While recycling is a great option, plastic degrades each time it’s recycled, meaning it will inevitably need to be thrown out. This causes it to sit unaltered in landfills, our oceans, and other places it shouldn’t be. It doesn’t need to be this way, though.

The truth is, plastic waste will remain for hundreds of years, so why not reuse it to create something new? Introducing Phoenix™, our new woven material composed of 100% recycled plastic!

Made from 100% recycled plastic, each meter contains
the equivalent of 10 plastic water bottles.

Available in 12 vibrant colors, along with blind & foil stamping, and heat & offset printing capabilities.
So, Phoenix™ not only looks great, but ensures that unwanted plastic stays out of the environment.